Our BC hunting lodge

is located in the Cassiar Mountains of northern BC. It is an expansive wilderness area of 4,800 square miles, just a short distance from the Yukon border. This is a fly-in area with no vehicle access. The nearest road is approximately 100 miles away. Clients can expect to fly into our main hunting lodge, where they will pick up licenses and prepare to leave for their specific hunting area.

This region produces trophy animals of all species. In fact, our clients have a real chance at taking a B&C class animal for each species they book. It is the most remote area in British Columbia and experiences little to no resident hunting pressure. According to biologists, this is the only area in British Columbia with totally self-sustaining populations that are not impacted or controlled by hunting.

Even with these healthy wildlife populations, we are very careful about controlling the animals that we harvest. We take a limited number of bookings each year, and we recommend making reservations well in advance.

Stone Sheep

While you may think that stone sheep were named after their environment, they actually take their name from an early explorer, Andrew Stone of Missoula, MT. Stone discovered them during multiple expeditions to BC between 1896 and 1902.

Of the four North American sheep (dall, bighorn, desert bighorn and stone), it is the stone sheep that presents the toughest challenge to hunt. Stone sheep are extremely well camouflaged with their environment and can become almost invisible to the eye. Stone sheep rams also stay in small bachelor groups. Their ability to navigate steep cliffs and ledges creates an epic challenge for any hunter.

Mountain Goat

Mountain goats are distributed throughout British Columbia, with our area in the Cassair Mountains holding a strong, healthy population. Like the other species in our area, our mountain goat hunts offer a real chance at taking a B&C class mountain goat.

Mountain goats are capable of traversing sheer cliffs with ledges only inches wide. They can leap up, down and across spaces spanning twelve feet. The mountain goat is truly a spectacular and powerful animal.


These hunts are fair chase wilderness adventures, so of course we cannot guarantee our clients a moose. However, we experience a very high rate of success. The hunting is spot and stalk, with calling being used as the season progresses.

Mountain Caribou

Our hunters have the opportunity to hunt early Caribou still in velvet, or above timberline during the rut. Mountain Caribou hunts take place from cabins or tents, depending on the hunting situation.

In addition to Caribou, this unique wilderness area in Northern British Columbia offers hunters a one-of-a-kind combo hunting experience. Five different species, all with B&C trophy potential are possible. Mountain Goat, Moose, Stone Sheep and Grizzly can all be hunted in combination with mountain Caribou.


Because our area consistently produces B&C class animals of five different species, we pride ourselves in providing excellent combo hunts. Taking two species in a 10 day hunt is very realistic, and for the hunter willing to work hard, three species is very possible. Grizzly hunts can easily be done in combination with moose, mountain caribou, mountain goat or stone sheep.


Single Species and Combo Hunts:

  • August 30- September 8
  • September 8-19
  • September 19-30
  • September 30- October 11

Stone Sheep Hunts:

  • July 30 – August 15
  • August 15-30

These dates include the charter flight. 


  • Moose, Mountain Caribou, or Mountain Goat: $12,900
  • Add a second or third species: $4,500 each
  • Grizzly as an add-on: $8,000 trophy fee and $1,050 royalty
  • Grizzly: $17,900
  • Stone Sheep: Please contact us for pricing


Please note that hunt price does not include your license fees, government royalty, taxes and charter. After your hunt, you may apply for a refund for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from the government. You will also be responsible for round-trip airfare and two hotel nights on either end of your stay. Please also come prepared with your own weapon and ammo. Your Canadian Temporary Firearms Registration will cost $40 (CA). All hunters will also be required to pay the $200 GOABC fee.

Tipping: The cost of your hunt does not include gratuities. Tipping is not mandatory but it is customary to tip your guide about 5-10% of the cost of your hunt, if you feel they worked hard for you.

Deposits: are non-refundable, so we suggest travel cancellation insurance in the event that you cannot show up for your hunt.

Meat Processing and Taxidermy: is not included in the cost of your hunt. The paperwork required to ship your trophy is done by an independent taxidermist. Due to the remoteness of our area, it can be very expensive to transport the meat home. This is done at the Client’s expense. Please inform us well in advance if you plan to take your meat home. We do not butcher meat and this will be your responsibility.

Wounding Policy: Trophy fees are due on wounded game.

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