Grizzly Bear

Our British Columbia grizzly hunts in the Cassair Mountains produce trophy-class bears. These are true mountain grizzly’s and the area boasts a big population of bears. We typically hunt these bears over berry patches in the fall. Due to their good population, bears seem to be everywhere.
Even with a healthy population, we are very careful to harvest only trophy-quality bears and we take limited bookings each year. If you are interested in a mountain grizzly bear hunt please book well in advance.

Jon Baker Hunting BC Caribou

Mountain Caribou

When it comes to caribou hunting in Canada, our B.C. mountain caribou hunts are an unforgettable experience. According to local biologists, our area in British Columbia is home to its own herd of mountain caribou that is totally unaffected by outside pressures. These are non-migrating caribou that reside in this area year-round. We face little to no resident hunting pressure.
In addition to being non-migratory, mountain caribou carry more mass in their antlers and are thicker than the caribou of the far northern Yukon and Northwest Territories. Our area is home to some beautiful, trophy-class caribou. These are free range hunting adventures and we cannot make guarantees, but our hunters have a great shot at a B&C class caribou.

Jon Baker Hunting BC Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat

We believe that we offer one of the best Mountain Goat hunts available anywhere in North America. The scenery, the attention to detail, and of course our trophy mountain goats make it an excellent experience.

In addition to trophy mountain goats, this wilderness area is home to four other species with B&C trophy potential. We pride ourselves in offering one of the very best combo hunting experiences. Mountain goat is available in combination with moose, mountain caribou, stone sheep or grizzly.

In our hunting area, mountain goats can be seen high on distant cliffs while hunting Moose and Caribou. However, the goats come down from the cliffs to feed in alpine basins in the early mornings and evenings.Our Mountain Goat hunts are 10 days and the option of adding other species is possible.

Jon Baker Hunting Stone Sheep

Stone Sheep

Our Sheep hunting area has one of the most prolific Stone Sheep populations in North America. These beautiful animals can only be found in northern British Columbia and the southern Yukon border. Because they are found nowhere else in the world, it makes these rams one of the most sought-after big game species. Our stone sheep hunts are 14 days. The best time to hunt is August through September. September hunters may add other species to their hunt. A stone sheep ram will remain priority when adding other species.
The Cassiar Mountain’s Stone Sheep population is stable, with a healthy supply of Rams to hunt. However, we very carefully harvest rams in our area and we only take a very limited number of hunters each year. If you are interested in a stone sheep hunt, we recommend booking well in advance.

Jon Baker Hunting BC Moose

Moose (Canada)

This region in northern BC holds one of the most prolific populations of moose in the province. Hunters can expect bulls in the mid 50-range, while some are certainly larger.
Our area in British Columbia offers some very unique moose hunting opportunities. In fact, our clients can choose from boat hunts along the river, lake hunts or even alpine moose hunts. As with each species in our area, our clients have a great shot at taking a B&C class moose. The rut begins in mid September, and good moose hunting begins in early September.
Our British Columbia moose hunts may take place from a tent, cabin or lodge. This will be dictated by the hunting conditions or our hunter’s preference.

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