Apr 25, 2017

This Adventure took me back in time to my very first experience in Bristol Bay. It was in July of 1993 and I was on an airplane headed to Alaska for the first time. I was going to play in a Professional Golf Tournament in Anchorage but my luggage included waders and fly rods! It was truly a quest I had dreamed about from the time I was 10 years old. After playing well in the tournament I met many people who invited me to go fishing. One gentlemen in particular who I had met during the week asked if I was a fly fisherman. I responded yes sir! He said he had a cabin on a island in the heart of Bristol Bay. It was on Lake Aleknagik which is part of the Tik Chik Wood River State Park. I bought an airplane ticket and we were off the next day after the golf tournament.

The rivers were so clear and pristine I couldn’t believe it I could see the bottom in a twenty foot hole. The Sockeye and King Salmon were running and there were Char, Rainbows, Grayling and Dollies everywhere. Dave my new friend took me all over by boat I was in angler heaven and never wanted leave. Being in the land of the midnight sun was torture! I knew I needed food and sleep but I couldn’t stop casting. Dave just laughed as we both continued hooking up and landing fish! This trip was special it had changed my life for ever! On the airplane flying home I was sad I knew that I could never experience anything like that anywhere else. I would return to Alaska and I did year after year bringing friends and clients to Bristol Bay!

These were the memories that I reflected on as we floated down river on this adventure of Bristol Bay Monarchs. The King Salmon that we were targeting had lived up to its reputation they had fought hard and amazed us with their strength and aerial acrobatics.

Please read up on the Pebble Mine and support the cause to protect the greatest fishery on our planet! God Bless and thank you for watching!

Jon Baker-

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