Whitetail Deer Hunts

Our Alberta whitetail deer hunts take place in expansive boreal forest and some farmland. Most hunting takes place in the thick Alberta bush from elevated, heated blinds. These forested areas can stretch for tens of miles without any break. We typically hunt the bush and natural open areas. Our guides spend a great deal of time scouting each year.

The weather in our area can vary drastically based on the time of year. In early September, average highs are still in the 60s and lows in the 40s (Fahrenheit). By late November, average highs can be around freezing and lows in the teens or single digits. However, hunting takes place in heated blinds, so your exposure to the outside temperature will be very limited.

Our stands are custom built. We make them ourselves, right here in our shop. They are four foot square platforms mounted on 4 long steel pipe legs. They’re very tough and won’t break under heavy loads. The blinds are enclosed with a heavy canvas cover over a conduit pipe frame.  The enclosures have Velcro fasteners on the door and window flaps. A seat is installed on each platform, so you can remain seated and rotate to view.  The window “frame” makes an excellent rifle rest and there is plenty of room to position your rifle. Average shot distances from our blinds are from 100 yards and up.

Small ~12,000 BTU propane heaters are connected to a 20 pound propane cylinder which hangs under the stand. Your guide will check your propane tank and provide a refill when needed. A little shot from the heater will knock the morning chill during the early deer seasons, and it provides plenty of heat with near continuous use for the late season hunters on very cold days.

Our Alberta whitetail hunting camp is complete with a full commercial kitchen and a 1,250 square foot recreation hall with a pool table, fireplace and couches. All bed and bath linens will be provided. Your hunt includes a hot breakfast and dinner. A lunch will be packed to take to your hunting area.

Our Alberta whitetail hunts include six full days of hunting. Your meals, lodging and guides are also included.

2015 Hunting Dates:

  • November 1-7
  • November 8-14
  • November 15-21
  • November 22-28 (November 29 and 30 can be purchased as add-ons)

2014 Prices:

Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunt: $5950
Deer License: $550

Please note that hunt price does not include your license fees and taxes. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) will cost $325, but you may apply for a refund from the government after your hunt. You will also be responsible for round-trip airfare to Edmonton, Alberta and two hotel nights on either end of your stay. Please also come prepared with your own weapon and ammo. Your Canadian Temporary Firearms Registration will cost $40 (CA).

Finally, the cost of your hunt does not include gratuities. Tipping is not mandatory but it is customary to tip your guide about 5-10% of the cost of your hunt, if you feel they worked hard for you.

Deposits are non-refundable, so we suggest travel cancellation insurance in the event that you cannot show up for your hunt.

Black Bear Hunts

We work closely with one of the most successful Black Bear outfitters in all of Alberta. We offer “two-bears” per hunter and hunt over bait with any weapon of choice. Our success rates average over 150% on two bears.

Spring of 2008, was challenging with a very late spring, but once again we had extremely good success with 17 hunters shooting 31 bears and 10 of them squaring over the magic 7 foot mark. That is 1 out of 3, and this is the norm. 16 other bears squared over 6 feet.

The hunts are in North Central Alberta and our clients stay in a very comfortable lodge with all the amenities. Call for more details on this amazing Black Bear Hunt.

Mule Deer Hunts

Our Location Our Guide operates in the South West corner of Alberta, Canada. We are bordered by Montana to the South and British Columbia to the West. The nearest major cities are Lethbridge, Alberta (Pop. 80,000) – which is 45 Minutes North/East, and Calgary, Alberta (Pop. 1million+)- which is 2.5 hours North. We are also only 150 miles (3 hours), North of Great Falls, Montana.

Our territory is nestled in the scenic foothills along the East Slopes of the majestic Rocky Mountains. As you head East through our area, the foothills give way to prairie ranches and rich agricultural croplands.

This region is laced with several river systems as they wind their way east and northward toward the Hudson Bay. These rivers provide a lush oasis through this arid region as the waters roll fresh and clear from the nearby mountains. The rivers also supply dozens of large lakes and reservoirs, which compliment the hundreds of natural lakes, ponds and marshes scattered across the landscape. All of these waters provide excellent habitat for the breeding and staging of millions of waterfowl each year. They are also home to many fish species including huge Northern Pike and Walleye, as well as five different varieties of trout in great quantity and size.

The fish and wildlife are abundant and diverse throughout the region, in fact – there are not many places on the continent where you can find the variety of wildlife and game animals that are found in this area.

Come join us and share in the adventure! You’ll soon be “hooked” on the pristine beauty and rich variety of wildlife in the area we call home!

Bow Hunting for Mule Deer

Jon Baker’s Guide 4 Adventure offers exciting, high quality, trophy mule deer hunts in Alberta Canada. Our archery hunts are six-days, Monday through Saturday, running from September to November. All archery hunts are 1 on 1 to increase your opportunities for success. Bow hunters on this quality hunt get first crack in September and October at the giant Muley’s that live in our limited draw areas in the Rocky Mountain Foothills. We have guaranteed tags for Non-resident hunters so you do not need to apply for draws. The weather is usually warm and windy, which makes for great stalking conditions. You can expect shots in the 30-50 yard range, with some shot opportunities as close as 15 yards.

Years of tried and tested techniques has helped us to refine proven methods that get even novice bow hunters, with no stalking experience, quality shots at Pope and Young class deer. We take pride in our ability to get YOU into bow range for good, clean shot opportunities.

The habitat is primarily rolling foothills, brushy coulees (ravine) and winding river bottoms. Our Mule deer numbers are very high and you can expect to see 20-30 bucks per day. We spot deer throughout the day and plan our stalks accordingly. A typical hunt can consist of many miles covered by foot, so you need to be in good shape. The area is about 3000-4000 feet in elevation, the walking is not generally strenuous but it can get hot out and the more ground you can cover, the better the hunting.

The normal temperatures for September and early October are 50-80 F with possible rain. It can get down to 35 F with wet snow. Late October temperatures occasionally drop to 20 F with a good wind, but 35-70 is normal. We only take 10-12 hunters, in 2-3 zones, all of which are good but vary slightly. Please call to see which areas are available for your hunt.


This is the same exciting, high quality area as our archery hunts and each year we continue to produce bigger and bigger bucks. The limited entry draw for resident hunters has really started to pay off. This hunt is a RUT hunt and the action can be quite exhilarating. Most of our clients are in awe at the number of deer in the area and the multiple opportunities to harvest a trophy.

These hunts are 4 days in length, running from Wednesday through Saturday each week in November. This is more than enough time to harvest your trophy, as most hunters don’t even make the full three days. However, if you would like to add an amazing waterfowl hunt, or test your shooting & calling skills on our abundant coyote population, then we have several excellent combo-hunt opportunities. This gives you the chance to spend six days in camp and get to know your guide and the area before the Mule deer hunt.

The normal temperatures for November are 20-50 F with snow very possible. It can get down to 0 F with heavy snow. Wind is common here during all seasons, but during this time of year they usually include warm air from the pacific, called Chinooks. This generally keeps the snow pack from building to any substantial levels for extended periods of time.

We only take 10-12 hunters per year, in 2-3 zones, all of which are good but vary slightly. Please call to see which areas are available for your hunt.

All full priced hunts include:

  • Full Guide services
  • Food & Lodging
  • Transportation during the hunt
  • Field care of meat and trophies

Not included in our hunt Packages:

  • Licenses and Allocations
  • Goods and Service tax (GST) 2.5%
  • Taxidermy, game processing or any associated packaging and shipping expenses
  • Guide/cook gratuities
  • Pre/Post hunt Transportation, Most hunts begin and end in Lethbridge, Alberta unless arranged otherwise.



1) Rifle (deer weights in the 250 to 300 lb range so bring a rifle big enough)
2) Binoculars
3) Knife
4) Sunglasses
5) Warm Underwear
6) Jeans
7) Extra Socks
8) Warm Shirts
9) Boots & House Shoes
10) Soft Gun Case for transport of gun to stand.
12) Down Vest or Wool
13) Down Jacket or Wool
14) Gloves or Mitts
15) Day Bag – For day stuff (extra belongings may
be put in back of truck)
16) Shooting Glove – Golf glove is best, fits under
17) Hand Warmers
18) Thermos for Transport of Hot Drinks to Stand
19) Warm Hat
20) Sweater
21) Grunt Call

High-visibility Clothing

 In Alberta, there is no requirement to wear high-visibility clothing (such as red or hunter orange) while hunting.

We remind all hunters that safe hunting practices are always our top priority. Be sure of your target and what is behind your target!

NOTES – Odds and Ends –

1. You might want to consider travel / trip insurance to cover your cost in the event you are not able to make your hunt. There are various vendors that offer this insurance at reasonable cost. We do not refund deposits or payments; you can however substitute a hunter up to 30 days prior to your hunt date.

2. Transportation of Fire Arms — Canada now requires all hunters to register firearms coming in for hunting. Some of our hunters have been issued a PAL # during the 2001 season that is valid for 5 years. If you do not have a PAL # do not worry, you can get a temporary registration. We will provide the form and instruction for your temporary permit that will be valid for 60 days. This will cost you $50.00 Canadian and will be due at Canadian Customs.

Note – Guns need to be in a locked hard case – ammo should not be packed in the same case as your gun but rather in a separate bag – ammo should be in NEW boxes and not contain loose cartridges.

3. Most of the major car rental companies have offices at the Calgary International Airport. A valid passport is now required to enter Canada.

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