Alaska Saltwater Fishing Adventures


Jon Baker Fishing King Salmon


King Salmon is the biggest of the 5 Pacific Salmon and one of the most popular. The average fish will weigh 15 to 30 pounds with the bigger fish exceeding 50 pounds. We fish for Kings from our 56′ yacht in the ocean around Kodiak Island. In this area, the King run starts in mid-May and continues through June. Fishing for the bright silver, hard fighting King Salmon is done by trolling in close proximity to Kodiak Island. For shear brute strength and raw power, there is nothing that matches the King.

Jon Baker Fishing Silver Salmon


Chum Salmon runs coincide with the Pinks in our area. We fish in the freshwater streams where they flow into the saltwater. Next to the King, they are the biggest and strongest of all the Salmon. Fish from 15 to 18 pounds are common with the average weighing in between 8 to 10 pounds. Chum like shallow, fast moving water and can give you all the fight you can handle on a spinning rod. They can be a great starter for the novice fly fisherman because of their aggressiveness.

Jon Baker Fishing Sockeye Salmon


Sockeye Salmon begin their spawning run late in June and are available through August. They are the most plentiful of the Bristol Bay Salmon with as many as 6,000,000 fish entering the Iliamna drainage yearly. Sockeyes are great fighters that can take you right down to your backing on the first run and are very acrobatic jumpers. Once you develop the fly presentation, the action can be fantastic. These fish average 5 to 8 pounds with the bigger fish weighing 10 to 12 pounds.

Saltwater Species

Jon Baker Fishing Halibut


Halibut are considered by a lot of fisherman to be the best eating fish in Alaska. We fish for Halibut on the west side of Cook Inlet and around the Kodiak Island in 20 to 60 ft. of water as opposed to 200 to 300 ft. of water. The state record for Halibut is nearly 500 pounds but the fish we catch average 20 to 60 pounds with an occasional 100 plus pound fish. If you want to take home some good eating fish and see some great country, you may want to choose this as one of your day trips.

Jon Baker Fishing Ling Cod


Jon Baker Fishing Rock Fish


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