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The Sportsman Channel Episode 2 Brown Bear Hunt

Jon Baker and Rick Townsend hunt Brown Bear in Alaska

Brown Bear Hunt


The Sportsman Channel Episode 4 Sonora Surprise

Jon is back in old Mexico with good friends hunting for the “Grey Ghost” Coues Deer.

Sonora Surprise


The Sportsman Channel Episode 6 Crow Tradition Part 2

A strong heritage in Central Montana. Jon Baker lives the Crow Indian tradition of the Buffalo hunt.

Crow Tradition 2

The Sportsman Channel Episode 3 Caribou Cabin

Jon Baker and Craig Compeau cruise the river in their SJX jet boat for caribou in the hills of Alaska’s vast interior wilderness.

The Sportsman Channel Episode 5 Crow Tradition Part 1

Jon takes a trip back into time along the Bighorn Reservoir in Montana!


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Jon Baker’s Alaskan Adventures

Jon Baker


Jon Baker is a man who has an incredible zeal for life and a passion for the outdoors, teaching and helping others realize their full potential. Always an innovator and never following the beaten path, unless a situation calls for it.

Friends and clients will tell you he is one of the most interesting and informative people they know. Because of his knowledge and experience, he is the perfect person to talk about hunting, fishing, golfing, and so much more. Jon has accomplished considerable success in his endeavors, as a junior, amateur and professional golfer, as golf instructor and in the golf industry manufacturing and sales areas. Also he spent six winters in the Alaskan Arctic, working as a heavy equipment operator. However, Jon’s true calling in life is working as a fishing and hunting guide which he has been for thirteen years. He gets great satisfaction interacting with people from all over the world and helping them reach their dreams.

Jon has lived and breathed the outdoors from the time he was a young boy in his personal and professional lives. As a fly fisherman and hunter, Jon can claim a wide range of trophies from all over North America. He currently resides in Palmer, Alaska and is driven by his beliefs, the love of his family, friends and quest for adventure.


Jon Baker Biography


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