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Jon Baker

Jon Baker


Jon Baker is a man who has an incredible zeal for life and a passion for the outdoors, teaching and helping others realize their full potential. Always an innovator and never following the beaten path, unless a situation calls for it.

Friends and clients will tell you he is one of the most interesting and informative people they know. Because of his knowledge and experience, he is the perfect person to talk about hunting, fishing, golfing, and so much more. Jon has accomplished considerable success in his endeavors, as a junior, amateur and professional golfer, as golf instructor and in the golf industry manufacturing and sales areas. Also he spent six winters in the Alaskan Arctic, working as a heavy equipment operator. However, Jon’s true calling in life is working as a fishing and hunting guide which he has been for thirteen years. He gets great satisfaction interacting with people from all over the world and helping them reach their dreams.

Jon has lived and breathed the outdoors from the time he was a young boy in his personal and professional lives. As a fly fisherman and hunter, Jon can claim a wide range of trophies from all over North America. He currently resides in Palmer, Alaska and is driven by his beliefs, the love of his family, friends and quest for adventure.

Dorian G4A

Dorian Thompson


Dorian Thompson is professional fly fishing guide for Winston Fly Rods, an award winning flyer, an Alaskan Guide Outfitter, and Owner/Operator of River Gold Outfitters based in Oregon.  He is an avid conservationist and dedicated steward of the watersheds, wilderness areas and wildlife that have shaped his life. Dorian has been guiding the Pacific Northwest and Alaska’s most prized and remote wilderness areas for over fifteen years. During that time he guided and operated a World-Class flyout  lodge in Western Alaska and has had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most recognized outdoorsman of our era. When not guiding, he can be found trekking the surrounding regions in search of fish, birds and other game, always seeking to create new memories in the field with his faithful pointer by his side.

DorIan grew up hunting and fishing in the San Juan mountains of southwest Colorado. With abundant wilderness and wildlife just out his backdoor, he was naturally drawn to a lifestyle which would lead him into the great outdoors in all aspects of his life. His journey has provided him with a great deal of knowledge and experience in living and flourishing in the backcountry. He has a strong respect for nature and an acute understanding of animal behavior which gives him an edge while on his adventures.

Aside from all of these credits, Dorian is also an expert whitewater guide, a licensed Coast Guard boat captain, and a product designer, developer and marketer in the outdoor industry and he brings all of these passions, talents and skills to his role in G4A.

Brad Bonnet

Brad Bonnett

Co-Host/Design R&D

Brad Bonnett was first introduced to fly fishing at the age of 11 by a video his Grandpa gave him. He watched the tape obsessively – until it finally wore out! It inspired Brad to become the professional guide and fisherman he is today, a passion he lives with every day of his life. He first cut his teeth on the pristine rivers in Utah, the Green, and Provo. He has made what his high school counselor called a “dead profession” into a career choice! In 2006, Brad’s calling and quest took him to southwest Alaska and a guide and currently as General Manager of one of Alaska’s premier lodges. Brad has explored and guided clients in the spectacular Wood-River Tikchik State Park of Bristol Bay Alaska for the better part of a decade.

Brad comes to the program with more than 2 decades of on-the-river fly fishing experience from all over the United States. Some of his adventures include hiking over 11,000 foot passes in Wyoming’s Wind River range for Golden Trout, fly fishing for Mako sharks off the coast of San Diego, and catching Steelhead and Brown trout on Michigan’s Au Sable and Pere Marquette rivers. His knowledge and experience of catching fish on the fly is astounding. Brad even convinced his wife to have their honeymoon in Key West, Florida – complete with a fishing charter to chase bonefish, tarpon, and permit.

Brad has always been an eternal optimist and his spirit and passion for life and fly fishing is infectious. He loves to teach and share his abilities with his clients, friends and acquaintances. He is committed to the importance of conservation and protecting the wild salmon and trout of Bristol Bay as well as fisheries everywhere!

Jon Bakers Guide 4 Adventure

Tyson Vassar


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Tyson Vassar’s passion for fishing and the outdoors started at an early age. His father introduced him to fishing and inspired him to respect and love the wilderness.

Tyson has spent his years fishing Washington, Oregon and Alaska’s rivers and lakes for residential and anadromous species. After relocating to Oregon in 2002, Tyson fell in love with the rivers of Central Oregon and the North Coast of Oregon. His need for adventure motivated him to pursue guiding on Alaska’s interior tributaries and lakes for resident trout and all five species of Pacific salmon.

Along with Fly Fishing, Tyson has an equal passion for capturing adventure through the lens of photography and videogragphy. Tyson constantly puts his life in jeopardy in order to document beautiful places and animals to share with others and educate them on delicate resources. He has developed his skill with a camera by shooting skateboarding, still life, wildlife and landscapes. In his free time, you can expect to find Tyson pursuing adventure with friends and loved ones.


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